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Introducing Kim,Wendi and Lisa October 15, 2012

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wendi Levy & Kim Etheridge
Photocaption from

Kim Etheridge and Wendi Levy are the founders of their own Hair product line for mixed chicks called what else but ‘mixed chicks’ . Being bi racial themselves they both had difficulty in managing their ‘frizzy hair’ . Neither Black hair products or white hair products woud work. When they both met and realised they had a similar problem ,they came up with an idea for a product that would cater to persons of mixed race and so ‘mixed Chicks’ was born.

Lisa Price is the founder of  ‘Carol’s Daughter’, a black hair and skin care line which includes fragrances. her business started in the 1980s when she started experimenting in her kitchen with organic products using pure oils such as sweet almond,jojoba and soy. The business soon moved from online mail orders to her first store which she opened in Brooklyn in 1999. She specialises mainly in natural products and ingredients.

Black women creating products specifically for black women. And who knows better about what we want than ourselves.

The market for natural hair care is growing and those of you looking for products to maintain your natural locks can try these out.

If you know of any other natural hair care products on the market feel free to let us know.

Lisa Price
Photocaption from Carol’


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