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Finding the right Brotha October 25, 2012

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Is there really a Mr. Right ?

So how come some women have found him and others are still looking.

How many of us swore to have found him to only be disappointed time and time again.

The truth is sistahs there is no such thing as Mr. Right but it is possible that you can groom and mould him to your expectations. Set the standard .  Yes we are only human and sometimes we get involved in relationships before we are ready or before he is ready but timing is everything. Start with a friendship and then decide whether the relationship is worth investing your emotions. Remember don’t invest all at once beware of red flags and take heed beware of possible danger like baggage from an old relationship (the ex factor) or personal issues  like the mama’s boy.

I strongly believe finding the right person is just like achieving success in anything else ,it takes hard work and a positive energy and mindset. First you must love yourself and enjoy the life you live, know where you want to be and you will atract someone that is right for you.

Now you may say that after I do all this work  there are so few brothers especially in Trinidad who are real men!

Very true but I always say the world is your oyster…. travel, see the world, get involved in different activities , challenge yourself and grow. He might just be right under your nose, don’t look, let him find you.



So Blessed !

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“I woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death
  I’m so blessed, yes yes
   I went to sleep stressed, woke up refreshed
I’m so blessed, yeah yes…….”

                                                           Jill Scott

You know that feeling when you’re just happy to be alive. Beautiful sunshine all around, you are at peace with yourself and you just feel like giving thanks. Giving thanks for everything even the trials you faced and those you still face, you just feel at  peace in God’s love. There is no greater feeling on this earth and nothing can compare to it. You just want to shout ‘praise him ‘ !

You feel victorious, you feel like there is nothing in the world you cannot do.

This is the kind of joy I am talking about , a joy in the spirit, in your soul. A peace that passes understanding. This is a spititual awareness that one gets when you have found peace within yourself.

This is not a peace that can be found by only going to church, or by just reading the Bible or going to a prayer meeting, this soul awakenning is reached by deep soul searching and self fulfillment, being at peace with one’s self and loving yourself and mankind.

I wish that your life be eternally blessed !

So Blessed !


Eat, Pray,Love – One womans search for everything

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Have you ever felt that you had achieved everything a budding career,the ‘perfect marriage’, the beautiful home but still some thing was missing ?

Then the movie Eat ,Pray and Love is talking to you.

In the movie Elizabeth Gilbert 32, successful writer (based on the life of the real author), married with her own home, seemed to have everything society says was important to be happy, but yet she was not. Liz was searching for more. She was unhappy in her marriage which she soon ended and entered a rebound relationship which also did not last. Feeling alone and devastated she remembered the words of a medicine man whom she met earlier while writing on vacations in Bali who said that one day she would be back to study with him. Liz soon had what Oprah calls an ‘Aha ‘ moment. She finalised her difficult divorce and began the next year travelling around the world funded from a book deal by her publisher.

Her sojourn took her to Italy (Eat) where she spent four months eating and enjoying life, being a free spirit, in India she spent three months finding her spirituality (pray) and the remaining year was spent in Indonesia finding balance and (love) with a factory owner from Brazil.

For many women this movie is right up our alley and we can relate to the theme in one way or the other.

(By the way I heard the book is even better).

All Natural Trini believes we should all aspire to be the best that we can be, not just what society says we should attain for happiness but we should quench the hunger in our spirit and listen to our inner being .

We give this movie a thumbs up. 


Stop playin and start pushin October 18, 2012

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Stop worrying and start living and take everything in stride
Tommorrow is promised to no one, but the present is all that we have
so time to start living in the now and not what we had
Will we ever learn to stop making an excuse
when the path we walk is the one we choose
Our lives are full of endless possibility
make your dreams a reality just wait and see
things may not always go how we want it
but with God on our side we should never be daunted
Don’t let negativity hold us back
because obstacles are there to keep us on track
thank God for the trials for its a blessing
For without them we would have learnt nothing
You’re shining now see what you could achieve
I told you all you had to do was just believe
As your blessings flow and you continue to rise
always remember to say thanks before you close your eyes
Bless others on their journey too
Just as God has been so good to you
release all negativity and hurt inside
and remember love is stronger than pride
we all are connected in this universe
so keep your head up and put God first


All Natural Trini


Pilates – Fitness for the body and mind

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Pilates is a combination of yoga, strength training  and aerobics. It is one of the few exercises that gives a total body workout for the mind body and spirit without the use of weights or props and expensive equipment all you need is discipline. It is an excellent source of losing weight for those who may not be able to do cardio workouts or those who have a busy schedule and prefer to do something at home that isn’t time consuming.
  1. Whole Body Fitness including the Breath and the mind.
  2. Adaptable to many fitness levels and individual needs. There are several levels from beginners to advanced.
  3. Creates strength without bulk,building toned muscles.
  4. Increases flexibility. A body that can stretch and bend to meet the flow of life.
  5. Develops core strength.
  6. Improves posture. People who practice pilates have a beautiful and elegant posture.
  7. Increases energy, gets breath and circulation moving.
  8. Promotes weight loss and long,lean appearance. It is a prime weight loss and body toning tool.
  9. Increases awareness -Body/Mind Connection. Coordination of mind body & spirit
  10. There are many ways to learn Pilates.It  can be practised at home,no fancy equipment, all you need is just comfy clothes and a mat. 
                                                         See video below for a Pilates core workout.

Sistah to Sistah “Are men really attracted to women with a bad ass attitude ?”

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Now Ladies I can’t have a blog  without a little relationship advice to put in my two cents worth.

I recently came across an article in Cosmopolitan magazine with a  headline that I found interesting

                                                                        “Why men love Power- Hungry women.” 

The concept is that men today have grown used to seeing women in positions of authority – doctors, lawyers, businesswomen and are not intimidated but instead turned on by those qualities.

Cosmo gives three reasons why:

Give him something to think about

Men like to be kept on their toes, the key is not to control but challenge him

Flaunt your ambition

Know what you want and let him know your plans, be it a promotion or a recent job offer. Men find passion in an Independent spirit and women who make the most of their lives.

Talk Straight

Tell them straight ,don’t frustrate them with interpretations they don’t want to work that hard.


So ladies the key to win his heart is through your own personal succeess, work on yourself and everything else will fall in place.

Think of your relationships in the past that may not have worked, maybe he wanted you to be more assertive and in control, taking charge of your life. Men are turned on by powerful women- Neyo sang about it in ‘Ms Independent’ as well as Jaime Foxx’s ‘She’s got her own’.

A woman like that has the power to keep the flame alive just look at Chris Brown and Rihanna, Brad and Angelina, Will and Jada and our own Bunji and Faye Ann.  The proof is in the pudding.

Food for thought ladies….. and guys you too!

 Click on this link to read the entire article.

Let me know if you agree.


Iyanla Vanzant- An ordinary woman with an extraordinary life October 17, 2012

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If you’ve never heard the name Iyanla Vanzant before you were probably living in a cave for the last decade.

Vanzant is an amazing storyteller and spiritual guru and no spiritual journey would be complete without at least reading one of her books.

Iyanla’s life has been one full of personal tragedy and struggle, but her strength and courage has brought her triumphantly through her life’s experiences, uncovering her purpose and discovering the power that lies within her soul.

To me Iyanla is a high priestess and her life’s difficulties were blessings in disguise lifting her to the spirit, the highest most powerful self. According to her “Spirit is the keyto everything we do…..I believe my purpose in life is to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness… we learn to align our being and thinking with the principles of spirit, we become a divine expression and experience of all that life is meant to be.”   (Deep)

Iyanla is one of ‘all natural trini’s’ sheroes and I could only aspire to reach that level of consciousness. Many are called but few are chosen. I highly recommend her books:

“In the meantime:Finding yourself and the love you want”

“Peace from broken pieces: How to get through what you’re going through”

“One day my soul just opened Up: 40 days and 40 nights toward spiritual strength and personal growth”

“Don’t give it away! :A workbook of self awareness and self – affirmation for young women”

“Acts of faith: Daily Meditations for people of colour”




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