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Chic Shak adventure October 15, 2012

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Chic Shak Jewellry
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I remember it like it was yesterday , I stumbled upon an ad online of a local store with locally made accessories. Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with accessories. My weakness gave in to temptation and I made my way to the store on Jerningham Avenue. This was  a few years ago and the store at that time was filled with all types of craft items, accessories, clothing and oils. I was in heaven, the girl behind the desk was helpful and we even chatted for awhile and she took my Email address, I couldn’t make up my mind what to purchase everything was so gorgeous. In the end, I bought a few earrings and a couple bangles which I still have to this day and which I always get complimented on. I am proud to say that to this day I  have never seen anyone else in anything like it. That’s the beauty of specially designed items. I always look forward to getting Email from Chic Shak on their latest designs.

  I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Lesley Ann Noel founder and lead designer of Chic Shak Lifestyle for promoting and supporting local and ethnic designs,everything is made from natural materials. Ms Noel not only buys and sells clothing and accssories from local designers but she offers marketing advice to them as well.

Chic Shak is also into antique items from around the world from Brazil to Suriname. Check out their blog .

Actually her personal blog is quite interesting also as she has been to many countries in Africa , an opportunity that most of us would die for .


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