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Stop playin and start pushin October 18, 2012

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Stop worrying and start living and take everything in stride
Tommorrow is promised to no one, but the present is all that we have
so time to start living in the now and not what we had
Will we ever learn to stop making an excuse
when the path we walk is the one we choose
Our lives are full of endless possibility
make your dreams a reality just wait and see
things may not always go how we want it
but with God on our side we should never be daunted
Don’t let negativity hold us back
because obstacles are there to keep us on track
thank God for the trials for its a blessing
For without them we would have learnt nothing
You’re shining now see what you could achieve
I told you all you had to do was just believe
As your blessings flow and you continue to rise
always remember to say thanks before you close your eyes
Bless others on their journey too
Just as God has been so good to you
release all negativity and hurt inside
and remember love is stronger than pride
we all are connected in this universe
so keep your head up and put God first


All Natural Trini


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