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Finding the right Brotha October 25, 2012

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Is there really a Mr. Right ?

So how come some women have found him and others are still looking.

How many of us swore to have found him to only be disappointed time and time again.

The truth is sistahs there is no such thing as Mr. Right but it is possible that you can groom and mould him to your expectations. Set the standard .  Yes we are only human and sometimes we get involved in relationships before we are ready or before he is ready but timing is everything. Start with a friendship and then decide whether the relationship is worth investing your emotions. Remember don’t invest all at once beware of red flags and take heed beware of possible danger like baggage from an old relationship (the ex factor) or personal issues  like the mama’s boy.

I strongly believe finding the right person is just like achieving success in anything else ,it takes hard work and a positive energy and mindset. First you must love yourself and enjoy the life you live, know where you want to be and you will atract someone that is right for you.

Now you may say that after I do all this work  there are so few brothers especially in Trinidad who are real men!

Very true but I always say the world is your oyster…. travel, see the world, get involved in different activities , challenge yourself and grow. He might just be right under your nose, don’t look, let him find you.



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