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Eat, Pray,Love – One womans search for everything October 25, 2012

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Have you ever felt that you had achieved everything a budding career,the ‘perfect marriage’, the beautiful home but still some thing was missing ?

Then the movie Eat ,Pray and Love is talking to you.

In the movie Elizabeth Gilbert 32, successful writer (based on the life of the real author), married with her own home, seemed to have everything society says was important to be happy, but yet she was not. Liz was searching for more. She was unhappy in her marriage which she soon ended and entered a rebound relationship which also did not last. Feeling alone and devastated she remembered the words of a medicine man whom she met earlier while writing on vacations in Bali who said that one day she would be back to study with him. Liz soon had what Oprah calls an ‘Aha ‘ moment. She finalised her difficult divorce and began the next year travelling around the world funded from a book deal by her publisher.

Her sojourn took her to Italy (Eat) where she spent four months eating and enjoying life, being a free spirit, in India she spent three months finding her spirituality (pray) and the remaining year was spent in Indonesia finding balance and (love) with a factory owner from Brazil.

For many women this movie is right up our alley and we can relate to the theme in one way or the other.

(By the way I heard the book is even better).

All Natural Trini believes we should all aspire to be the best that we can be, not just what society says we should attain for happiness but we should quench the hunger in our spirit and listen to our inner being .

We give this movie a thumbs up. 


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