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Pilates – Fitness for the body and mind October 18, 2012

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Pilates is a combination of yoga, strength training  and aerobics. It is one of the few exercises that gives a total body workout for the mind body and spirit without the use of weights or props and expensive equipment all you need is discipline. It is an excellent source of losing weight for those who may not be able to do cardio workouts or those who have a busy schedule and prefer to do something at home that isn’t time consuming.
  1. Whole Body Fitness including the Breath and the mind.
  2. Adaptable to many fitness levels and individual needs. There are several levels from beginners to advanced.
  3. Creates strength without bulk,building toned muscles.
  4. Increases flexibility. A body that can stretch and bend to meet the flow of life.
  5. Develops core strength.
  6. Improves posture. People who practice pilates have a beautiful and elegant posture.
  7. Increases energy, gets breath and circulation moving.
  8. Promotes weight loss and long,lean appearance. It is a prime weight loss and body toning tool.
  9. Increases awareness -Body/Mind Connection. Coordination of mind body & spirit
  10. There are many ways to learn Pilates.It  can be practised at home,no fancy equipment, all you need is just comfy clothes and a mat. 
                                                         See video below for a Pilates core workout.

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