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Jill Scott- Living the Golden Life October 17, 2012

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When you think of classy , elegant , multitalented and of course naturally beautiful only one name comes to mind and that is Ms. Jill Scott.

Born April 4 1972 , she grew up with her mom and grandmother in Philadelphia. From an early age she already displayed signs of brilliance. At eight months she started talking and was reading by four. (It seems that she always had a lot to say from since then). Always the centre of attention at school, she was described as a little butterfly by her principal and she has been flying ever since.

After performing with groups like ‘The Roots” in the underground circuit, Jill Scott burst onto the scene in 2000 with her debut album ‘Who is Jill Scott?’ which went multiplatinum and the world definitely knew who she was after that. Since then she has a reputation of being a classic thoughtprovoking artist and her music range infuses Jazz,R&B , Spoken word and Hip Hop among other genres to create a disinct style known as neo soul.

Jill Scott wears many hats as a  Grammy winning American poet, actress, singer and songwriter.Some of her hits include:

A long walk

It’s just the way you love me


He loves me

and of course Golden

This year Jill turned the big 4 0, and you know what they say…… Life begins at 40 !  so we look forward to many more hits from this phenomenal lady. 

                                            Jill Scott is rockin naturally beautiful with soulful sexiness.


3 Responses to “Jill Scott- Living the Golden Life”

  1. belovedtash Says:

    I love Jill Scott!

  2. I love Jill! She is such an inspiration as a confident, liberated and avant garde woman/musician. She makes sexy music for the modern individual that comes from the soul…her soul! I also admire her as a full-figured woman that embraces her diversity. Thank you for this post 😉 You’re writing your blog “like it’s golden”! hehehe (I’m sorry if I was a bit stale there ;))

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