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Get yuh coconut water October 16, 2012

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Did you know we have one of the best drinks in the world right here in TnT. Nature’s own Coconut water!

Coconut water which is low in carbs,99% fat free and low in sugars has many benefits.

1. Keep body cool and at right temperature

2.Orally hydrates body

3.Replenish body’s fluids after exercising

4.Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells

5.Raise metabolism

6.Promote weight loss

7.Boost immune system

8.Detoxify and fight viruses

9.Cleanse Digestive tract

10.Control diabetes

11.Aid body in fighting viruses

12.Balance PH and reduce cancer

13.Treat kidney and urethral stones

14.Boost poor circulation

All that in one little nut?

I guess no more soft drinks and artificially flavoured juices again

All i  hope is that the coconut vendors don’t raise the price.


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