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I am Beautiful (To all my Black Queens) October 11, 2012

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Before I decided to grow my locks I must have tried everything under the sun . From weaves , relaxers , jerry curl, braids, permanent colour and rinses , the only thing I didn’t wear was a wig. So when the time came that I had to go all natural I embraced it with excitement. It was a liberating experience for me. I could never see myself going back to anything else again. My black hair was part of me. It took me five years to even decide to try a colour let alone cut it.

Hair has always been an issue for Black women. The Hair issue has been as varied and diverse as the ethnicity of black women themselves. But more and more women have actually joined the movement to embrace their blackness, to love their ‘nappy hair’. More brothers too have started growing their locks and our black sisters are loving it admitting that they find ‘a rasta man so sexxxxy’. Let me hear an amen sisters if you love the rasta brothers.

Loving ourselves and our hair comes from not being afraid to embrace who we are and when we have finally reached that place the freedom we feel is awesome.

Black people are the most beautiful with their natural hair, not to mention there are an abundance of creative natural hairstyles  just take a look at this video that shows the world how beautiful we are.


2 Responses to “I am Beautiful (To all my Black Queens)”

  1. belovedtash Says:

    Hey allnatural trini! this blog hit home for me! I did the big chop several months ago, but regrettably I have yet to really embrace my naturalness day i’ll get to the place where i’m totally comfy with my natural tresses & i can’t wait to save some money!! lol 😀

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